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Day 18 - Where did she go?

Day 18 - Where did she go?

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    I really tried this one.  I made the dinner before she could say no.   She made sure the kids where a part of it so that we would not be able to talk.  I did have a chance to ask how she’s doing.  She says she’s fine.  I’m concerned about her.  She’s made such a drastic change in life so quickly.  In the last three weeks she’s becoming who she was before Christ.  I used to be so thankful that I had a Godly woman.  She cusses at the kids constantly.  She’s begun listening to music she once found offensive.  It’s making it difficult to raise the kids.  When your mom does it, why can’t they?  She believes the change in me is just me feeling sorry for myself.  She encourages the kids to laugh at me.   I know this is not a journey with her but one with Christ and that I need to seek his validation when faced with rejection.  I pray for her relationship with Christ I’m actually starting to fell ok.   I just hope it is because I’m trusting God and not because she’s no longer the woman I miss so much.   



  • If she has fallen away from Christ, there is one thing you can be sure of. He will NEVER let her go. He will reel her back in. But here is the hard part. Your testimony is now the critical piece. There is a reason Christ chose you for this journey. And the best way to mble you and mold you is through the exposure of your wife.

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