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day 18

day 18

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  • OK... my wife left two months ago.  she has her own apartment and is dead set on divorce being the only answer.  she doesnt like it when i do things to serve her because she says that she doesnt want me to do things when she is going to divorce me anyway.  though she hasnt said that there is no hope she sure acts taht way around me.  yet there are times where she calls me and asks for my help.. well only twice and this was in the last three days.  one, my son had a sliver in his foot.  i was huge 1/4 inch long and as big around as the lead of a #2 pencil.  anyway, she called me and asked if i could come over to help her get it out.  she is a tough girl who grew up on a cattle ranch.  i of course said i will be right over.  i praised God for the opportunity to serve her and my son that day. 

    anyway, day 18... what do i do?  she wont come in my apartment and is uncomfortable around me right now.  I dont know what to do to accomplish this dare... ideas? questions?

  • First. You take the time and pray upon it. Seek out Christs guidance.

    You need to understand that this is a journey between you and Christ not you and your wife. Only way things will change is when you can understand and choose to turn it all over to Christ.

    If you do not think they will come over to you, have you thought of taking dinner to them?

  • yes! in fact because she is so distant right now i th0ough of making her dinner, taking it to her, going home and calling her..  we could have a dinner date over the phone... but she was busy moving stuff tonight.  i asked and suggested it but no go.

  • Success of the dares is not her acceptance. It is trusting the Lord and doing what you can to complete them without manipulating the purpose.

  • ok....  i will do my best to walk in the purpose of each dare by trusting in HIM.  thank you

  • Remember He is molding you through the dares each day.

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