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Re: Dust237 Day 18: Love Seeks To Understand

Dust237 Day 18: Love Seeks To Understand

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  • Because Christi has her Mary Kay meeting tonight, I asked her to meet for lunch. But she said she was too busy and the only down time she has is between 1500 hrs and when she goes to her meeting at 1800 hrs. So I will try to prepare something small for us after her meeting. I put out candles, bought some fruit and flowers. Set the table with nice glasses, and filled with just water. Even if I were able to make dinner for her she would not have eaten it cause she has placed herself on such a strict diet, plus it was 10 - 1030 at night. When she got in the door she ignored me and ran to the bed room. I went to the bedroom and asked her if she'd like to join me. To which she replied in a minute. When she finally came in she asked me what I was doing, and I told her that I just wanted to have some dinner with my wife. She just looked disgustedly at me. She eventually sat down and I asked her how her night was then began to ask her the questions that I had picked out. All of her answers were hurtful and brutal. But most of all, when I asked her if there was anything lately that I have done to make her feel loved she said no. It only made her feel that What I was doing was only for selfish reasons. She just wants space. I told her that I was doing it to honor the commitment I made to God.

  • Remember the purpose of the dare... Your presentation was great and I think was fine to replace a dinner, but the intent of the dinner...

    Remember the success of the dares are to trust Christ and do them as intended without any manipulation form you. Success is not her response.

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