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Re: sobering and somber

sobering and somber

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  • I did not get a chance to ask any of the questions because as soon as he got home from work he went out for a party.

    What ever time we did have he commented on the movie we saw the night before called "courageous"

    He seemed to be inspired to aim for more things but only God sees the truth.

    Today i actually feel a bit sad because i realised that i have no confidence and or trust in my spouse. He was trying to convince me that he was only going out for a while but i already knew that was not the case. True to my stand, the man is no where to be seen. i just feel bad that this is where i find myself. This has nothing to do with me asking God to change him or make things better for us, it is just the first time that i have seen the reality of my situation and its just hard and really sad.

    we really are two individuals at the end of the day and its really only God that has the power to do anything. 

    Spouse made a comment before he left, he said "you know when some one is dieng, there is nothing you can do" it struck a cord with me because it is so true, i have been trying and trying to change him and control things around me but when its dieing, there is nothing you can do. If my spouse dies where he is right now, i have to acknowledge that all i could have ever done was to pray for him and it would be up to him and the word of God that has been released on his behalf in prayer to make the final outcome.

    I feel like I am walking alone for the first time in my marriage,  today i realised that i am the only one in this.

    The only one I have is Jesus. 


    Its a sobering and somber moment that i have had today.

    So he had the dinner, i decided not to go for choir practice so i could do the dare. He had the dinner then left for his freinds party.

    and that is where it is right now.

  • First off, this is about your walk with God, not saving your marriage. I learned the hard way too. Put your trust in God as you've already acknowledged that He is the only one who can do anything. If you have Jesus, then you're not alone. Remember, If God is with me, then who can be against me... Watch Fireproof again, you'll be inspired. Continue to lead your heart, do the dares as instructed and trust in the Lord, he works in his own time. Pray for strength and guidance.

  • Start depending on Christ.. He will fill those voids you have. This is where you will be a strong testimony and things will be different. We cannot trust in things in this world including our spouses. But once you trust Christ and His plan, you will know that trusting Christ falls over to also trusting Christ with your spouse.

  • Yes, thank you Sean and thank you Jason, i needed to hear that.

  • Commit to prayer each time. Start depending on Christ completely

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