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Re: Having a tough time with this one

Having a tough time with this one

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  • Hello all,

    About a month ago my wife of 8 years told me she wanted a divorce. I have been living in our camper trailer parked next to the house and she is still in the house. She is avoiding me at all cost, not coming home till late most nights and gone most of the weekends. I work shift work, so it complicates things a little as well. I asked her if I could have an hour of her time one evening and she said she is booked up for the next few weeks and weekends. Ive thought about cooking the dinner and waiting until she gets home, or just cooking it and leaving her a note with details on what I made, but that kind of defeats the purpose of the dare. I desperately want her to meet me now that I'm walking with God, but she is really avoiding me. Any ideas? 

    Ive had to improvise on a few of the dares, leaving her a note instead of face to face communications, and Ive had to reschedule a few for a later time when she actually will talk to me, but at this point, she really is going out of the way to avoid me. God is working wonders in my life, and every day, he speaks to me through his word, or by just making things fall in place. It's a wonderful yet painful time in my life. Any suggestions would be appreciated. 

  • I do not know how much you have read in others posts. But this journey you are on is completely about trusting Christ.

    Dont schedule things with her. Pray for the guidance of when to do the dares and how.

    I know in my dinner dare, I knew there was no way she would sit and eat. I just made it without her knowing and without asking. And from trusting Christ so much, He made sure it was a blessed situation. Not only did she sit and eat, it was actually a great success.

    So much for me knowing what was going to happen.

  • Thanks Sean, your comments really emphasized how I need to trust God in every aspect of my life, even down to the little details. I've prayed about it for almost a week now, and I feel that he has led me to do it today. Even if she doesn't come home till late, it will be ready for her. Ill be praying till she gets home. Thanks again.

  • Just remember. This is a journey between you and Christ, not you and your wife. She is just a tool that Christ will use to humble you, to mold you....

  • Well, you could have filmed the scene from the movie from my living room. We had about a 10 minute discussion, and even though she was mad, God led all of my words and actions. I cleaned up and packed her a lunch with some of the dinner and left. Thank you Jesus for leading me in my thoughts, words, and actions. Even though it was a negative experience, I feel calm about the outcome. God is truly working in my life.

  • Thats it. Do these things for Christ and watch you testimony grow. And as your testimony for Christ grows with those simple actions so will her convictions.

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