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Re: Day 18 Not what I planned

Day 18 Not what I planned

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  • Will this dare did not turn out at all how I planned it. Tonight was Ash Weds. so I made dinner for the children before we went to church and planned on cooking dinner for my wife and I when we got back, thought by the time dinner would be done the kids would be in bed. Will it did not work out, when dinner was done my wife sat in the living room and ate watching tv with the girls yet who also ate some more. So I sat at the dinner table by myself. I know leave it in Gods hands but it is so hard I do not even know who my wife is. She use to be this one who I could talk to, give hugs to some one who seem to enjoy my company as much as I enjoyed hers, now when she looks at me it seems as though it is a look of pure ice, cold, no warmth at all. I really do not know what happen in such a short amount of time. I know put my trust in the Lord and I will, it is so hard, and at times just would like to see some hope, some hope for our marriage. 

  • I am just wondering besides doing the dares am I suppose to ignore her then other than praying for her. I am sleeping down stairs but been cooking and planning most of the meals cleaning house ect. With doing the dares do I just focus totally on me and christ and my girls . Just wondering if I am doing this right?

  • Here is the thing. You have lived a lifetime doing things your way. Now by taking this journey you are changing that. It is going to get worse before it gets better. But each one of those bad moments will be a blessing in the long run. It will make you be humble in times when your pride wants to take over.

    As for the focus. Christ needs to be your focus. Do your thing each day. Don't flat out ignore your wife, but put margin in your life to focus on Christ and your children. If you are going to do something with the kids, invite your wife, if she rejects leave it at that.

    With the margin you start making for Christ, use it for prayer and allow Him to guide what you do.

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