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Day 17 ex bf

Day 17 ex bf

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  • We were pretty open at one point but in the same I don't think I always made him feel safe with my love because of my own insecurities and my own thinking of how he should be. I was always quick to point out his down falls rather than love him completely with the good as well as the bad. Sometimes its hard to listen but I feel I'm getting better with each day as I understand the importance of being quick to listen, slow to speak and if I must say something watch my words as teh tongue can cut like a knife and if I'm already hurt and use hurtful words he will likely use hurtful words to get even which in the end will hurt me more. So I would be hurting myself. Today we didn't talk but his silence lets me know he still needs time and space. So I will continue to pray for him pray for us, and still text him twice a day letting him know he was on my mind and it doesn't matter that I get a response from him as I'm doing it to show him my love with no expectations from him as I believe in time it will come as God's prayers never go unanswered.

  • Perfect. You see the faults in yourself. Knowing that you are not perfect and neither I he you come closer to understanding how to manage the relationship. Quick to listen slow to speak! Don't expect ANYTHING in return and love unconditionally. Keep it up.

  • Eddie, in case you didn't notice, a lot of the posts are from 2015.  The person is probably long gone by now.  

    It's terrific seeing you reply to the entries.

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