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Day 57 - Love Promotes Intimacy

Day 57 - Love Promotes Intimacy

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  • My daughter and I were so excited about today.  We went to pick up my niece in the morning.  My daughter looks up to her cousin (who is 15) and get so very excited when they’re going to spend time together.  She and her brother were going to stay with us overnight.  Her brother had been at our house for a couple of days already.  I get my niece every year when the rodeo day at the county fair comes around.  I take both girls, and we have a blast! 

    After picking her up, I had to run by my work for a few minutes, so my daughter was able to give her cousin a tour of my work.  That made my daughter so proud that she could introduce her cousin to everyone.  I’ve worked there longer than my daughter has been around, and my daughter feels very comfortable there.  We then went to pick up some lunch for ourselves and friends, and met some friends of mine at their neighborhood pool.  We spent hours with them just enjoying a beautiful afternoon and wonderful conversation.  This was the first time I’d seen that friend in a couple of weeks, and she mentioned just how different I seemed.  I have turned everything over to Christ, and feel so much more at ease with it out of my control.

    My husband had been thinking about going to the rodeo with us.  When he found out that his dad and nephew were not going, he stayed home with them.  We had very little interaction on this day.  Only a few messages during the day, and a little time together when we got home after the rodeo. 

    This dare about promoting intimacy left me stuck the first time around.  The point was made to me, though, that I need to talk about personal thoughts and struggles in order for him to feel safe talking about his.  That is absolutely what I’ve been doing since then.  He hasn’t yet opened up about his fears and struggles within our marriage, but he has opened up about his struggles in other areas.  He’s very open about work and some issues that he has with his family.  He hides how he really feels with them, and he’s been hiding it with me as well.  Now, he just lets it all out with me.  I didn’t know what I was asking for!

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