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didnt work today

didnt work today

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  • I guess i didnt really do this dare.

    Spouse said he didnt fee like talking so i didnt push him and left it at that.

    To answer the question in the book, it is a big effort for me to hold back saying things. even if i am not verbalising it, i am thinking it.

    I cant i learnt much about him today except that he seemed relaxed when i did not push for a conversation.

  • You can learn from silence as much as from word. Take a look at his body language when you're in the same room. If his arms are crossed, then he is in a defensive position. If he leaned back, he doesn't want to talk much. If he is upright and his arms down at his sides, he is receptive. I am in the same situation in that my wife bails if I push or talk or ask too many questions. Try some leading questions instead of yes or no questions. Find a topic he likes to talk about, sports, hobbies, or anything that may get him to open up.

    Remember to turn everything over to God. Pray about it the place the situation completely into His hands and let go of your selfish human wants. I understand it is very difficult, but trust me it works. Also just pray for your own strength.

    Also, think before you say anything remember Love is Patient...

  • The real question is was that your way of avoiding it?

  • No Sean, i was not avoiding it. the last thing i want is to force this man to talk and i could see that the did not want to talk much.

    The old me would have forced my way through but i also want peace and this was a way for me to learn that i do not always have to get my way.

  • Funny you said that coz right now, this very moment, he is leaned back and does not want to talk much.

  • As long as you are not justifying not doing it.

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