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Day 57 - Love still Promotes Intimacy

Day 57 - Love still Promotes Intimacy

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    Day 57—Love still Promotes Intimacy


    Determine to guard your mate’s secrets and to pray for them. Talk with your spouse, and resolve to demonstrate love in spite of these issues. Really listen to them when they share personal thoughts and struggles with you. Make them feel safe.”


    This morning/afternoon was spent working on the house. There was one more room to paint. I had some time to myself while doing so, so naturally my mind would wonder to my husband. I prayed for him in the midst of it—being that today is Easter I prayed about his nonexistent relationship with Christ. “He is Risen” hits me to my core this year more than I’ve ever felt before. It is a tough one not sharing it with my husband. I was thinking about sending him a quick text wishing him a “Happy Easter” to let him know I was thinking of him. Felt it was not the right time though…


    When my Dad and I were just about wrapping up our day’s work to enjoy a family dinner, I received a text message from my husband asking if he had mail. He did, so I affirmed. He, like usual, asked if I was home. I responded that my Dad was going to be leaving in about an hour and then I would be getting ready. Dad left and I got ready. I was hopeful to see him, but was not sure it was going to actually happen. I knew I had to get to my parents for dinner, so I prayed about the situation and felt God telling me to head out. Takes me 10 minutes to get to their house and as soon as I arrive I get another text message from my husband—“I’m on my way just to let you know.” Really?—a ten minute lapse of when I could have seen him. I let him know I was already at my parents. Yes, I was disappointed not to get to see him, but know that this was in God’s plan. The house had to be a pretty big surprise for him though considering it is all painted since he last saw it. I was grateful to at least hear from him and despite not seeing him I had a very lovely dinner with my family.


    Going back to today’s dare—still have not had the opportunity to show my husband our house is a “safe place” when it comes to each other’s personal thoughts and struggles. “There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear.” (I John 4:18). This is going to be tender territory should we reunite considering the hurts and actions him and I have both partaken in, however it will be my opportunity to wrap it all in the protective embrace of my love and promise to be the one who can best help him deal with it.


    The chapter explains—some of the secrets may need correcting—therefore I can be an agent of healing and repair by listening in love and offering support. Some of these secrets just need to be accepted. They are part of this person’s make-up and history. And though these issues may not be very pleasant to deal with, they will always require a gentle touch.


    I will strive with Christ’s unending grace and forgiveness for me—to maintain the same for my husband. “The reality of intimacy always takes time to develop, especially after being compromised. But your commitment to re-establishing it can happen today—for anyone willing to take the dare.” I accept!

  • The great thing is that you did not run back to the house. This shows comfort in Christ. You growth is awesome and you strength is great as well.

    Your dependance on Christ is what will get you to the desires of your heart.

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