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  • I've been doing this ever since God got a hold of me.  My wife and I stopped talking two months ago.  Back in May I filed for divorce. But since I saw  War Room and Fireproof, I stopped the divorce proceedings.

    She told me she didn't love me anymore, even though two months ago we almost reconciled.  I live in California and I went to visit her to tell her God had gotten a hold of me and that I wanted to reconcile and she said she didn't want to.  

    Anyway, she's ignored all my letters and emails.  I'm out of ideas on how to reach her.  I joined to see if anyone is in the same boat and if they have any ideas on how to reach, what to say, or not?  

    I've been praying and fasting nonstop and it's just disheartening.  She said she will file for divorce....I'm praying for a miracle.  She was so cold and angry too.  Please chime in with any ideas.

    I generally can't do any of the dares because she lives so far and is ignoring me.

  • Welcome.  Please copy and paste your entry in the love dare journal section.  it is under the community tab.  If you click on your name at the upper right hand, look for a link that I think says new entry or something like that.  You will get good responses from good people who know exactly what you are going through.  

    First off, all I will say right now is that this will be a journey between you and God, not you and your wife. She will be used as a tool to mold you.  You will be humbled and things will get worse before it gets better.  But there is hope.  Go to the community section, and under love dare journals and you will meet several people that will be there for you.

  • Thank you so much Tim!

  • Actually, that's where I posted the original. Is it not showing or something?  I went to "New Post" in community section...

  • Sorry Ray, not sure what happened with your post.  it did not show up in the community section.  This site is great for helping people but the format is lacking.  and it may be best type in word then copy and paste. Sometimes the site will time you out and you lose everything before you can hit send.  don't post under the dare section.  But under the community section where it says love dare journals if i am not mistaken.  

  • Our stories are all unique but very similar. The one missing ingredient in all of them is God. In most cases the ones on here have found God and are hoping the spouse does too but this Love Dare Journey is a special one between you and God. If you are committed to doing it your wife will benefit as well as you yourself.

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