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Re: Love Dare 17

Love Dare 17

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  • I wasn't able to complete this dare today. 

    So i was trying to take him bowing tonight for love dare 14. Well we talked and he was going to call me back to go. 

    My dad came in my room and asked if he had given $$ for our kids. He was going to that night. Well he said he found a car for me and was going to call my husband and have him buy it. 

    I asked him not to. He said he was going to make him. He calls him, comes back in my room and tells me my husband said yes he was going to pay for it and that he was coming over on sunday to sign a contract. He also told my dad that he doesnt understand why i wont let him go that he doesnt want me anymore.

    I called my husband and talked to him. He tells my dad one thing and me another. Well we had a discussion about it a few things and i wasnt angry just upset. I went out with a friend the other night and he has questioned whether i talked to other men or not. 

    Either way i felt rejection. Oh how i cried out to God. But i will continue. 

    My sister came over to tell me i shouldn't be doing this and that im too emotional and fleshly. So its fine. It hurts but im fine. i try to explain it but to no avail.

    Ill be paying more for sure. Just to be able to have the opportunity to do the dares. I have been running into a lot of walls.

    Here I go. 2moro is 18.

  • No walls.... Just Christs molding process. And that process is not what you plan. But most of this journey is Christ showing you His way, His will. We must be open to that.

    He is changing you daily. Have faith in His love. Your testimony. your growth in Christ.

  • Also. In the journal section there is daily responses to posts. Here in the dare section it is only every few days. You might want to start posting in the journal section.

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