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Re: Day 17 Learned about myself

Day 17 Learned about myself

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  • After reading the chapter I realized that my wife is more scared than safe. Ive used her secrets to hurt her in the past. When we would fight I would bring up her secrets to have her feel the hurt and pain that i was feeling. I realized how horible i was. I can't believe that i took her trust and love and destroyed it.

    My situation now is that she wont even talk to me. I try to do the dares and lead my heart but it's hard when she isn't there or not responsive. I've read other posts and see that this is a journey with God, but the dares focus on your spouse. I feel like i am not as strong a christian as i thought i was and i don't know what to do. I pray to be released of the anger and fear and pain. I feel like i am in a sound proof room and i am screaming and nobody hears it.

    I wish this was easier!



  • If it was easier you would get nothing out of it. Christ has tried in the salt to get you to wake up, but there was no reason to, so now that He has your attention, allow Him to mold you in His image each dare.

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