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Re: Dust237 Day 17 20120812

Dust237 Day 17 20120812

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  • The dare was not very difficult. I learned a lot about my wife today. Mostly about her Mary Kay buisiness, but also a little about her when she was younger and her Dad. We went to dinner at a place her father would take her and her brother and sister as kids. I also found out that she shoot her first deer with her step father when she was 12.

  • I think there are a lot of secrets my wife is keeping from me, cause she went through a lot as a kid and as an adult.  Her parents split up when they were quite young.  She had a very strong relatioship with her father.  Her mother re-married several times.  Her father never did.  I am my wifes 4th marriage.

  • Which means that Christ chose you for this journey so that you can be the testimony she needs to see, allow Christ to mold you in His image each day.

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