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Re: Day 17 - Should I call her?

Day 17 - Should I call her?

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  • I've realized something today that I had ignored for far too long. I have failed miserably at really getting to know my wife during the 10 years we have been together. Sure I know certain secrets about her and certain quirks about her that I've come to know during this time, but I've never given her the comfort to be able to share anything and everything with me. Ironically, I had been discussing some of the issues we have had in the past with her the other day and she kept grinding at the fact that she could never be herself around me. She felt that I would judge her or not care to take enough interest in who she really was and was only able to be herself around her friends. I never really understood this. I never really understood what "you haven't cared to know who I really am" meant. My own selfishness has led me to this point. I prayed that God give me the willingness, strength and desire to overcome this selfishness starting this very minute. I promise to never use any of the intimate secrets I do know about her against her or to disclose those to anyone. I will use caution when discussing the issues that we are going through with anyone else, making sure I do not speak badly of her. I will pray for both my relationship with Christ as well as Christ to penetrate her heart as well. I will pray for these intimate secrets and resolve to love her unconditionally no matter what. Considering she has not been very open to discussion about anything involving our marriage recently (she just moved out this past weekend and is still getting settled in), I'm not sure how to fully complete this dare. She has said in the past that she's never really felt comfortable being herself around me. The fact that she has not really offered much discussion during the past couple of days makes trying to listen to her rather difficult, almost impossible. Given the opportunity, I will most certainly listen with a pure heart to everything she has to say and attempt to give her whatever level of comfort she is willing to accept, but at this point, I'm not sure when she'll be willing to open up again to me. The one promise that I will resolve to make is that I will never again not listen to her. I will give her the attention and respect she deserves with every word that is being directed at me. 

    Any thoughts? Thank you all

  • Take the time to take this journey focusing on Christ and His oneness with you, it is through that you will be a testimony to her and love as Christ intended not the worlds way.

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