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Day 17

Day 17

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  • My husband is a very secretive person.  He hides everything even if he has nothing to hide.  I’ve always let that bother me; I’ve always questioned the things that I didn’t know.  That led to a lot of judging.  The more I questioned, the more he felt like he needed to hide things from me.

    I prayed this morning about whether to talk to my husband about keeping his secrets safe and not judging, or let it just be shown through my actions.  Since starting the dares, I have not questioned anything.  That was my answer.  He needs to be shown that I don’t judge him.  He needs to be shown that he can be safe in my presence, and that the things he says and does stay between us.  Telling him means nothing.  They’re just words. 

    I will be tested on this next week when I go out of state with my mother in law to visit her sisters.  I’m praying for guidance in saying the correct things to her and the family.   

    My husband went out with his friends on the night of this dare.  I didn’t question him about when he would be home.  He told me who he was going out with and where they were thinking about going.  I showed him through my actions and my demeanor that he was free to spend time with his friends.  I wasn’t judging him.  He ended up coming home hours earlier than planned.  His friends weren’t interested in going out late; they all had families to get home to.  We ended the night watching a movie together and he told me some stories about how he met the friends that he had spent time with that night.

  • You have to initiate oneness. Share your secrets or intimate concerns with him. As your testimony comes through he will feel more secure. Really think what oneness means.,, then find ways to open that door.

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