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Day 16 Feeling so convicted

Day 16 Feeling so convicted

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  • I have been doing the dares to the best of my ability.  Today I feel so...convicted.  The only thing I want to pray for is my own selfish wants.  For us to get back together, for him to realize that he is making a mistake, for our family to brought back together.  How do you put aside the desires of your heart to pray for what your spouse may really need.  I believe that he needs for us to be together.  For our family to be whole.  But I can't say that that is what he wants.  I want him to be whole in Christ and to walk with Christ and to become the man that Christ wants him to be.  I am on the verge of tears thinking how selfish I am being.  Sometimes I really hate my stupid heart.

  • Smile and Praise Him... This is the molding taking place. You are coming to realize things that you never thought of before and are realizing how much it effected things around you. Now Christ will show you humbleness.

    But I will tell you. Leave those wants at the feet of Christ, Pray for HIS will in your life, not yours.

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