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Dare 16

Dare 16

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  • Thank you for the inspiration.  I have been following the dares for the past 16 days and am finding peace in my developing relationship with God.  3 weeks ago I was unaware of the direction my life would be taking.  What a wake up call - but I welcome the person I'm becoming in faith.

    My marriage is over but I'm discovering my friend again and enjoying the time we have.  We just fell out of love.  My prayers today for her:

    1) That she rediscover her faith and to trust in that faith.

    2) To soften her heart - make her less self critical and to understand her beauty.

    3) To understand the joy of the heart and that with love all is possible.  Lord please take the scars of pain away from her and bring her the tenderness of heart before she leaves so she can be whole in you, herself, and love and be prepared for what her future brings.

    4) Please give us the blessing of time


  • Are you divorced? Or is it getting to that point?

    Also, take a moment and read the entire appendix. Much good information for your journey.

  • No not divorced.  We have been married for 16 years.  There is a sense of urgency and a structured plan that my spouse is working on.  In the matter of 3 weeks our house is now up for sale and most of our assets are becoming liquid.  If I had to put a probability I would say 90% divorce and 10% success - but that is my wordly side.  I believe that God does have a plan and that his will be done.

    I also believe at this point that God is pointing me in the direction of healing.  Both in my relationship with him and in being the best I can be for others.  I have not been humble, fair, or patient with many in my life.  This journey is alerting me to how much I didn't see around me, how much I didn't seek help when I needed it, how much I became self centered.  Little things are as if I'm seeing and smelling a rose for the first time or as if that first touch of baptismal water alerted me when I was young.

    Thank you for pointing me in the direction of the appendix - I read it about every other day in the Year of Devotions version.  It keeps me centered.  I have also reached out to a person in our church that is becoming my accountability buddy.  He is helping keep me centered on the fact this walk is with God - to listen.

  • Are you doing the year of devotions or the 40 day? I must point out the 40 day is the one most needed in times like these.

  • I'm using the year of devotions for daily devotional; I'm using on line for the 40 days and keep a daily journal.

  • With online are you able to get the full read or just the actual dare for the day?

  • I was only getting partial.  My mission yesterday was to get the 40 day version.  It was a search at the store but got the last copy.  It is so much more insightful.  Thank you.

    As I read through to see what I might have missed on my journey thus far - Love is kind struck me, compelled me.  For even though my spouse has initiated the divorce she is exhibiting kindness.  It struck me that over the past few years this was one of the core weaknesses in me.  True; gentle kindness.

    On day 19 today - I am humbled as I see the world through peace and love , via pain.

  • Hmmm.... It is great that you found it. But be careful...

    You could have missed a good deal of insight by not having them. And trying to play catch up does not work. When you do your dares, you should have the whole day to dwell on them and complete them...

    I know this may sound foolish. But I would not say it without good reason. You may want to start from day 1.

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