Today I pray for his heart and I pray that God will work on him to be the spouse and leader that we need. I pray for a break through in our relationship to have the relationship that we were put on this earth to have to support an love one another the way God loves his bride. I pray that you will help him be faithful to me and committed to our love and him and I both know how to love one another teh way we each desire of our hearts. Yes I've experienced the power of prayer in the past and I see my prayers answered often even the slightest desire of my heart has been answered and I see how He is changing me daily. It's easy for me to pray but a little bit hard in I'm not sure if I ask for the right things so in the end I feel best when I say Lord please give me and my man the desires of our heart and change us for each other to be the best partners we can be for each other.