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Re: Dust237 Day 16 20120811

Dust237 Day 16 20120811

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  • I dont think Ive experienced the power of prayer in the past. I chose to pray for God to lead my wifes heart in His heavenly ways the way He commands us to be and act and love. I also prayed for Him to bless her and her MaryKay buisness and guide/lead her heart to what he truly wants her to do. I prayed for God to release her heart from anger and hurt and pain and lead it to love again. I prayed for God to continue to lead my heart towards loving my wife and honoring the commitment i made to him to honorhim. And that all I do in loving my wife be for his honorand pleasure not mine. I prayed for forgiveness. I prayed for God tocontinue to lead our hearts bback towards one another. I pray He strengthens our marriage. It is no longer wierd or difficult to speak/pray to Him.

  • Right now in this journey pray for His will in both your lives. Leave the selfish requests out for the moment. Learn to seek Him and find His unconditional love in your life.

    This journey is in reality between you and Him not you and your wife, she will be a tool that is used in this journey

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