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Re: Day 16 - Love Intercedes

Day 16 - Love Intercedes

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  • So I have been praying for my wife Shelly a lot lately, but have been doing it for me and not through God. I was praying that He would touch her heart and bring her home, and not I am praying that He touches her heart and leads her according to His will. I know He will work on both of us and will allow things happen when the time is right. I believe God will have me witness to her when I am ready to and when she is ready to hear/see it if that's His plan.

  • You are realizing that your heart needs to be right first.  To be able to pray for your wife to be happy and under Christ's wing in life regardless of your hopes is the most important.  That is the love that these dares are trying to teach you.  You can still have your wants, but to learn to take joy in her happiness regardless of how that involves you is where you need to be.

  • This realization is truly eye opening, and has taken me to a whole new level spiritually. I am learning to trust in Christ and rely on him for strength instead of doing everything on my own. I am watching Fireproof for about the 7th time today, praying that my wife is safe and at peace. I have been a lot stronger the last couple days in her absence, as He has filled my heart with love and strength. I am staying motivated for the dares as well even though she's been gone for over a week. I just learned that she might come home this evening, but instead of being apprehensive like other times, I am more at peace with myself. I still pray for strength to be strong upon her arrival. I am excited to see her yet am remaining focused so I don't push things. I know with God's help, everything will be okay. I have no expectations as I have turned it over to the Lord.

  • Tis is where trusting Him is so important...

    And until you know that your heart is right with Christ, when you pray for her, pray for Gods will in her life... That's it. Other than that, your intent maybe completely selfish thinking in Christ is in her life that she will show love for you again.

    Right now in this journey you must worry about your walk.

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