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Re: Day 56 - Love still Intercedes

Day 56 - Love still Intercedes

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    Day 56—Love still Intercedes


    “Begin praying today for your spouse's heart.  Pray for three specific areas where you desire for God to work in your spouse's life and in your marriage.”


    I continue to pray for my husband on a daily basis—sometimes often throughout a day depending what is on my heart. The three areas for him and our marriage still remain the same as I listed in round 1—

    1. A heart for God – his salvation, that he will see the love and light of Christ, the wisdom to recognize God is convicting him, the lies in his heart to be changed to truth.
    2. For God’s will in his life and that my husband will accept His will. Whatever the outcome I truly pray for his happiness.
    3. Spiritual intimacy and protection – should it be God’s will for our marriage to be restored, I pray that we always keep Christ first in our marriage, for God to unify us with Him and each other, protection from distractions that could interfere with us seeking God, protection against temptations that could destroy our marriage, discernment, and quick forgiveness.


    It was another day of no contact with my husband. I felt a bit off again today. Don’t know if it is recovering from being sick or what. My family and I went to Easter Service tonight and it really helped. My pastor wrapped up his “One Day” Series that I’ve referred to a few times in past entries. I love all of his series, but this one really hit home for me. Perhaps it is because I look forward to my husband experiencing his ‘One Day.’ I believe deep down he knows Christ’s truth—he just has to see it again.

  • He sees it. But deep down he also knows God sees it. So it is almost like trying to hide from it. But thats OK... It got you to where you are now. And leaving it to Christ He will make sure your husband will have his one day at his knees... Just pray that when that day comes he can see it, and accept Christ.

    And I am sure your testimony will play the biggest part in that.

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