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Re: Day 16 - Love Intercedes

Day 16 - Love Intercedes

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    Day 16—Love Intercedes


    “Begin praying today for your spouse’s heart. Pray for three specific areas where you desire for God to work in your spouse’s life and in your marriage.”


    The appendix in the book lists ‘Ten Things That Make Prayer Effective.’ I have been striving to incorporate those keys into my prayers since I started this journey. The one I struggle with most is praying according to God’s will. I am working daily on selfless prayers because the flesh of me wants my husband back, but I have to accept that this may or may not be God’s will although I do believe wholeheartedly that he wants restoration in marriage with Him as the focus! With that said three specific areas where I desire for God to work in my husband’s life and in our marriage are—


    1. A heart for God – his salvation, that he will see the love and light of Christ, the wisdom to recognize God is convicting him, the lies in his heart to be changed to truth.
    2. For God’s will in his life and that my husband will accept His will. I am fully aware this may or may not mean our marriage is restored. Whatever the outcome I truly pray for his happiness.
    3. Spiritual intimacy and protection – should it be God’s will for our marriage to be restored, I pray that we always keep Christ first in our marriage, for God to unify us with Him and each other, protection from distractions that could interfere with us seeking God, protection against temptations that could destroy our marriage, discernment, and quick forgiveness.


    As I continue to be molded by Christ in this journey, I am constantly seeing the POWER of prayer. Today started a bit rough for me. After yesterday’s thoughts about him seeing someone else due to certain things not adding up and then him coming home at 630 this morning with the same clothes he left in, my mind gets the best of me causing the heartache to intensify. I go to prayer right away asking for strength, comfort, and wisdom about the situation. Then, kid you not, I read today’s chapter – all about prayer. I am not to confront him about my assumptions, but to pray about it. Then later on in the day as I’m reading through the entries on the forum, another individual posted the following—


    "I've been obsessing about the 'what if my husband is seeing someone else' issue...and today it hit me- let it go. I know I’ve been told that many times, but it's a lot easier said than done & it's a lot easier to say it's done than to really do it. I keep obsessing & Satan keeps drilling these pieces of 'evidence' into my head & meanwhile God has been giving me signs too...I just hadn't been looking/listening to them. Well, I heard Him. And I've let it go. And I have placed my trust in the Lord who will not fail me. God has a plan for me, and whatever it may be I am here to do His will. And though I do pray & hope and have faith that my husband will return, I know that God will never fail me & He will be beside me no matter what."


    It can’t get any clearer than that - God reiterating that I MUST let it go and let Him continue to do His work. I find myself getting mad at myself because I will worry, which means doubting God when I have not one single thing to worry about since He only wants what is BEST for me. As you can tell I am ALWAYS a work in progress.

  • God will never give you more than you can handle.... And the more you trust Him the more the blessings will consume you....

    Try it. Remember God knows the plan He has for you. And will not forsake you.

  • I have to remember that...God will NEVER give me more than I can will see what I mean once I get to today's journal entry.

  • If you get it... Remember that no matter how bad you think it is, there is a bountiful blessing on the other end.

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