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Re: Day 16: Positive

Day 16: Positive

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  • Today was positive!  Praise the LORD!  I gave GOD any burdens or negative thoughts that came up and also asked why I was thinking about them.  I was able to answer most of the time and simply LET GO.   I restrained myself a few  times from saying something related to what happened.  Instead I prayed for him.  I will continue to pray for him.  I pray for him every night before I go to bed but today was special cuz I prayed throughout the day for him.  I became upset over something minor and stupid and I told him how I felt.  My voice was loud so I still need to try much harder to control that.  I confided in a friend this morning cried a little.  I think my emotions from yesterday came out.  I had some moments this morning getting ready for work where I did break down and cry and I turn to GOD in those moments and I'm able to get through them.  i realize I do need to get my feelings out and I need to take them to GOD.  So I can release them and feel free from the negativity.  I am trying.  One day at a time.....sometimes one moment at a time. 

  • we desire to grow daily in our relationships. We need that desire to focus on Jesus, not our worldly ones.

    Those emotions should be released to Christ. To release them to others could be a huge selfish scenario. Manipulating to get attention in some form. Because it is only Christ that can give you true comfort.

  • think I am manipulating my friends?  I think GOD uses people in our lives to comfort us and give us love and support.  I know I would not have made it this year without all their love and support.  I get that only Christ can give us true comfort.  I think Christ also shows his love for us manifested through others.  

    I know I have made the mistake of telling too many of my friends of what was happening cuz I was so distraught and out of control.  I have since learned who gives me unconditional love and support and tried not to share everything about what my husband has done.  

    I get that CHRIST needs to come first above all else and should be the one I turn to for everything.  I see that change happening every day for me.  I try to practice prayer and praise all through out the day.

  • No. Just pointing something out to be cautious of.

    I have been there. And I will tell you this. There were times I was without it being obvious to me. My accountability partner made me aware of it.

    Just as a for example. I would talk with friends etc... Non Christian. Look for advice, but from them I was getting advice of a worldly view, not one from Christ. It was also a huge manipulation to justify things I was saying and doing. I was manipulating myself (not my friends).

  • That makes sense.  Yeah my friends that support me are Christian and they too hold me accountable which is incredible.  I appreciate all that you say and point out as well.  You are such a blessing Sean! Thank You!  Manipulation is such a nasty evil.  I'm sure I do that often but I'm blessed to have people in my life who call me on my crap.  

  • Thank you... And if you are keeping a journal, I am sure you will go back someday and read it, laugh at the way it used to be...

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