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Day 16

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  • Same routine this morning, but it was disrupted by work.  Turned out to be a hectic morning with an emergency at work that required me to get to work ASAP.  My daughter dragged her behind around and made me late.  I got agitated and raised my voice only later to realize remember the list I made a few days ago.  I must apply those actions to everyone, not just Melanie.  I asked God for forgiveness then apologized to my daugter.  I prayed, sent Melanie the morning greeting text but it was rejected.  She has apparently blocked my number so that she will no longer receive my texts.  This would be a great opportunity for me to react and turn her phone off.  I mean really, I am paying for her phone and she's blocking my text!!  AND she's threatened to inflate my phone bill.   I would be completely justified - in the eyes of the world.   But not in the eyes of Jesus Christ. 

    I continued to pray for her on the way to work and will pray for her thoughout the day and everyday as outlned by Day 16 and any other way God presses this upon me.  I could email her or text from my other cell phone but that seems to go against the Day 15 dare of honoring my wife.   I'll will have to pray about this and ask God to help me complete the dares in a way that is pleasing unto Him.

    This is a reminder to get out of God's way and stop overthinking things. 

  • One of the many things I love about this walk with Christ is the wisdom and knowledge He has poured into me.  As I have prayed though discoragement this morning, God reminded me that He is in control.  My texts or emails, apart from God, mean nothing.  If He needs me to send Melanie a text, she will get it.  The last two days, my communication with her has been based on God's principles.  That is when I received venomous replies and now, blocked text messages.

    A few months ago, I was considering Christian couseling to deal with my sinful nature, but decided against it because I knew for it to work I had to give up drinking.   The same applies here.  She is feeling the tug of Christ.  But to accept Him... to walk in His love means letting things go that she want to hold on to.  She wants to hold onto the anger, bitterness and resentment she has for me because it is the foundation of the wall of protection she has built around herself.  Letting go of those emotions will tear her wall down.. leaving her vulnerable.

    So, of all days, Dare 16 requires nothing but praying for my wife - my own flesh as we are one.  I have called or emailed my prayer partner, couselor, friends, pastor and asked  them to pray for her with me.  

  • Dave,

    We are all experts at asking. We must become experts at listening now. When things seem to be in your way. Take a moment and listen to what Christ is telling you. Usually when something is in our way it is our own selfishness or pride that is in the way. I think you see that with the blocked communication, but listen to it.

  • The was a saying when my mom used to say when I was growing up, "You can't see the forest for the trees".

    Anyway, seed, TIME, and harvest.

  • That is a fact!

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