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Day 15- Strength needed

Day 15- Strength needed

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  • I have been here since my Day 1, reading many posts and blogs, but never journaling myself. I really enjoy all the replies and discussions. This is my 15th day and my spouse and I are not living together, however our children don't yet know. I have been able to keep up a charade to them. So, I do have to get creative with my dares sometimes. I do feel that the Lord has opened many doors for me on this journey when I thought all was impossible. I have been learning so much about myself and I feel that I have a new found inner peace. I have so many ups and downs, but I have been able to keep most of them in check. 

    This is really the first thing in my life that I haven't wanted to give up on. I yearn for each and every day and hope to see what new journey I will be on tomorrow. I had my first slip yesterday, I wasn't really able to do much, but I just did what I know my spouse would have enjoyed and I neglected some of my own desires, but I wasn't in it 100%. 

    I do feel the Lords presence in me but I don't feel anything in my marriage, and I know that this is a journey with me and God, not my spouse. 

    I know that hurt and anger and all those feelings do not come from God, but my spouse has abandoned us as a family. No visiting or calling the kids, no money, nothing, sometimes will talk to me about the kids, but not much, If I do not contact him, he doesn't contact me or the kids. When it comes to my kids, it hurts. I pray and it has helped tremendously and I have no desire to quit. I just don't know what to do, his parents say don't contact him and let him stew, I feel he needs to own up to his responsibilities a little for the kids sake. They need him and want to see him. 

    He will say hes going to see them, then backs out last minute. He says he will send money and doesn't. This has been going on for 29 days. I know that is a lot shorter than others I have seen, But I just pray for Strength, Hope, and courage  I have no desire for a separation or divorce. I just hope that I am doing what the Lord wants. 

  • Welcome.  Try posting in a different area of this site next time. Because more people will read/respond to you over there.  Click on the Community tab. Then click on the Love Dare Journal tab.  That section is read more.  IF you have trouble finding that area or prefer this part of the site, I will try to check back here.

    As you know, this is a journey between you and God not you and your spouse.  He will be used as a tool to mold you.  Do a dare a day, no more, no less. Do the dares as they are intended to be done, without changing them to make them easier.  Have no expectations of him when doing the dares.  IN fact it may get worse before it gets better, but if it happens, it will serve purpose.  do not read ahead in the boo, other than the appendix.  

    If you are standing for the marriage and for him, then of course you are doing what he wants.  Because a marriage is a covenant between you, him, and God that is not to be broken.

    HIs parents are right not to contact him (unless a dare requires it). But there reason is wrong.  IT's not to let him stew, it is to give him space. And in that space is when God works the best.

  • Thank you Tim for replying, I have been trying to do that, but that is not an option for me on my phone or laptop. I have been to the tutorial and there is nothing there either. I can go to the journals but there is no way to make my own.

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