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  • My first post. My husband actually started this love dare 15 days ago. I lost my fight to keep going after 7 years of doing all the housework, going to church alone, finding porn, chasing his hobby, and I received nothing in return. I never received your beautiful, text of sweet messages, or even date nights. I finally throw the towel in. He started the love dare. He changed and begin to help that week and say all the right things. After not wanting to put my child through a divorce, I started on day 5. Everything was great for 5 more days. However, he is slacking off. He can't remember the love dare or what I read to him. He is starting to neglect me by talking on his phone, working on cars, and our anniversary is coming up. He is racing at the race track. You see this marriage isn't about us, but him. I can't keep on.

  • Welcome.  Do the love dare yourself, a dare a day, no more no less.  And read the appendix about leading the heart.  Do not share with him you are doing the LD.  Have no expectations of him when doing the dares.  This will be a journey, between you and Christ.  Not you and him.  One day, he will see the testimony you built and have the desire of what you have, Christ.

    In a marriage, you created a covenant between you and Christ and him to love unconditionally.

    Try posting under the community tab, in the love dare journal section, more read tht section.

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