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Love Dare 15

Love Dare 15

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  • Today i will wait for the opportunity to gice itself.

    But last night my husband called but my parents phone was acting up. I texted him from my computer and he asked me for the kids info. for his insurance. I gave it to him and than he asked if i wanted on his insurance until the divorce was final. 

    It was a difficult choice, but through some advice i chose to say yes. I see it as a blessing and a way to honor him. I could have fought him and said no and he would have called me stubborn and hard headed like he has before. 

    But I complied. for whatever reasons he has asked me to do this i see as a small prayer being answered.

    We are back to communicating openly. I do feel a breath of fresh air that has been breathed into our marriage by God. 




  • I bet as you continue to grow in Christ you will continue to feel His breathe of fresh air in your life.  And with that you will be in His comfort.  

  • Being unconditional and easpecially not negative in your communications, a testimony is being presented.

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