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Re: Dust237 Day 15 20120810

Dust237 Day 15 20120810

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  • I tied to show my wife honor inall that I did today. I got up and made breakfast for my youngest son and I cleaned that mess up. Got up our oldest son. Theres other small things like taking her Mary Kay things out to the car for her facial with friends. Butprobally the most important is asking Christi about her MaryKay and listening to her about it. The results was maybe a slight deposit with her and a small re-growth in ourrelationship. Continue listening to her and getting interested/involved in the conversations.

  • Lead your heart.. In the appendix there is a section on leading the heart. Take some time and read it. Also, when doing the dares trust Christ in each one. The success is the trust not the response.

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