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Re: Day 55 - Love is Honorable

Day 55 - Love is Honorable

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  • I feel like I’m losing the strength to stand, so now I’m on my knees!

    Today’s dare is a continuation of what happened yesterday.  Today, I broke the news to my parents that I would be unable to come to the beach with them.  I talked to my dad, since my mom is still not talking to me.  He cried.  He is supportive of me no matter what decision I make in my life.  My dad is in his mid 70s and not in good health; he knows that every vacation we take as a family may be the last one that he has the strength for.  I felt horrible for hurting him.  I know that he understands.  It’s so hard for him to watch any of his kids go through any kind of heartache.  I know that I’m honoring my marriage by putting my husband first in this situation.  I do everything I can to honor my parents as well.  I pray for my mom’s heart to soften.  When they dropped my brother off at church on Sunday, he said that they almost stayed. 

    My husband was still pretty difficult.  He had horrible things to say about his job.  After work, he hit the couch, and that’s where he stayed for the rest of the evening / night.  He had a disagreement with our daughter during the evening while I was walking the dog.  He wanted her downstairs immediately when he called her, and she was following a rule about having her room cleaned before leaving it.  I had to take her aside and calm her down.  I could see his anger when I walked in the door and her confusion when she came downstairs.  She and I prayed together before bed and had some time with just the two of us. 

  • Be comforted know that you made a decision in Christ and that only blessing will come from it.

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