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Re: God made lemonade!

God made lemonade!

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  • Today, I spoke to him about how I prefer him above others.

    I explained to him how in my life, I choose to put him above everyone else and that even if I am hanging out with my freinds and he calls, he will take precidence over what I am doing.

    I told him that, I desired for him to be that way with me becuase that is how I am with him. (Now, in the days of doing these dares I realise that there is no gaurentee that this will be the case but I just stated my desire none the less)

    The result was that when we got home, he helped me with the cooking and came over to say that he is very happy that he married me, that he sees me as a miracle to him and his family. He put on some Bebe and Cece Winans music and we started singing and dancing. Later that night, he told me that his family will be so suprised to see how he has changed in his appearance and how they will all say its because of me. I told him that all this is God working through me to  show His love for him and to show him that God has better plans for his life that dont just stop at the outward appearance but the heart too.He just lowered his head when I said that and sort of took time to absorb it. Funny thing is that I actually meant  every word... I guess I am a tool too.

    In the comming days, I can rehearsse all that I have learnt in the love dares, I can commit to be consistent in all that I have commited to do. I have been afraid of telling my husband how i feel about him because i was not getting the love back from him but at this point I felt, what have I got to loose.

    I have NEVER told him that I prefer him and even though the bible says that wives should do that to thier husbands, I remember I actually prayed for God to help me understand what it means to prefer your spouse. This is like 4 months later  and I am on DAY15 of the dare and with out knowing it, I can see that I understand what it means to prefer your husband. I also know that I can prefer him, even though he may not do the same.

    In verbalising that to him, it was like a void had been filled where I am meant to fill it with the word of God in obeying His standard.

    I feel like God has made a way for me to obey His word and it feels really good.

    I have never felt this way before.

    In the midst of the storm, God brings peace, I tell you it really does surpass understanding, especially my own understanding.

    This really is a journey.

    I named this entry ,  God made lemonade because the bitterness of opening my heart, has become sweet and bearable , like lemonade.

  • When we understand oneness in our marriage it brings us closer to all those things Christ h intended for us. To look back on the best of times we can now see that it was not what it can be

  • so true, so true.

  • Pray upon it...

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