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Re: Day #15 - Love is Honorable

Day #15 - Love is Honorable

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  •      Well, my wife Shelly still is not home, day #8 since she left... I continue to do the dares to the best of my ability with her being gone and having very little contact with her. There are a couple I'll have to complete when she returns. For today's dare, I chose to show my honor by doing something special from our wedding day that we've both forgotten over the years. I got her a live red rose and and preserved pink rose. These are significant as we incorporated a "rose ceremony" into our traditional wedding where our first gift to each other in marriage was a red rose. In the ceremony these roses are to be used to say things like "I love you", I'm sorry", "I forgive". So the live red rose is for this part as a symbol that I care about the vows and day of our wedding, and to tell her I love her. I also printed out a version of the "rose ceremony" to remind her of the love that brought us together in the first place.  I got the preserved pink rose to signify my undying love for her. I also wrote a short note to accompany this pink rose basically telling her that no matter how this rose is trated or ignored, it lives just like my love for her. In addition, I added that this is how God loves us, unconditionally and w/o question no matter what we do with it, adding that we can feel perfect love by turning our hearts to God and living according to his will. I placed both on her bed as I am currently sleeping on the couch, even when she's gone. I am hoping the red rose survives until her return in the next day or two. I continue to pray daily for her and for me as I struggle at times with her gone. I love you Shelly...

  • When you pray for her, pray for Gods will in her life. This way you leave selfish desires out of it. Seek His guidance in those prayers.

  • Yes, that's how I'm praying now. I trust He will bring her home when it's the right time. I also believe that it is so I am in the right place to witness to her, and she's in the right place to be witnessed to. It is difficult to see my children missing her, but I relish my time with them. They are missing their mommy, and we pray for her every morning and night together. Also, I give them hugs and kisses for her often and tell them mommy loves them. Thank you for your advice Sean.

  • Anytime. I know what it is like when the wife leaves and your in the position you are. Tat is where my testimony started as well.

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