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Day 15

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  • where do i begin? my husband left in Octoberm we actually filed for divorce (long story but it was for financial reasons) the plan was we would try to work thins out and he would come back if we did. The first 4 months the only communication we had was if i called him. In February i went to hum and told him i wanted to start working on things? he told me he needed time, he wasnt ready. He admitted to talking to someone else but insistede they are just friends, but her picture is in his phone, theyve been seen shopping together, they text, she goes over etc. but he said "its not like we are sleeping" together. At the same time all he says he can give me is talking occasionally on the phone but he doesnt want to feel like he has to call me. Easter Sunday turned bad, i was upset and crying and he said why would he want to come back to this. I came home from my mothers house and climbed in the bede to cry, i turned the tv on and Firproof was on, i watched it and taped it and have watched it everyday since, i also began the love dare on him, not to much of response. I am always feeling like the ore i do the further away he gets. Not sure if i should continue. I know this is a walk with christ but i am hoping for reconciliation with my husband, today has been a very bad day for me and i just feel like quitting

  • Kacee,

    Understand. The dare is a journey. One between you and Christ. Not you and your husband. So doing the dare on him, is not really what is happening here. I do not know how far you are into it. But take time to pray about each dare.

    Christ will mold you in His image. Through this you will learn what love is truly meant to be. You will learn that Christ will comfort you and guide you. But you must be able to trust Christ and let Him lead. Do the dares as they are intended. Not the way you think they should be done.

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