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Day 15

Day 15

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  • I'm beginning to enjoy this routine and the challenge of the dares.  I wake up a little earlier than I used to.  Pray, read a scripture, or lately a daily prayer from Beth Moore, and read the dare.  Pray again that my actions honor God and thay He works through me to touch Melanie.  Not so much for restoration, but to lift her up.... bless her day.  I ask to be a vessel in which His works flow through me.  I shower and pray again... my favorite place.  I send Melanie a text greeting and go to work.  I pray thoughout the morning, but don't dwell on the dares and God speaks to me at some point, letting me know what He wants me to do.  This doesn't just happen automatically.  I have to seek His will diligently by prayer, reading scripture, studying my assignments from the counselor, speaking with my prayer partner, going to church, listening to Christian Music or annointed pastors, visiting Rejoice Marriage Ministries Website, spending time with my wonderful daughter, ministering to my alcoholic friend, attending AA or Freelife recovery meetings,  exercising and anything else I can do that pleases Him.  In that process, I automatically begin shutting off the things that seperate me from God.  I don't have much time to watch TV or read secular books, go out with friends, dwell on negative things.  I'm starving the flesh-man and he is dying, but I'm feeding the Spirit-man and he is thriving!  And this isn't a pat on my back because in February, I hit my knees a broken man... broken in every way, but Jesus embraced me, lovingly helped me to my feet and showed me the path He wanted me to take.  And the great thing about that is He lights that path for me.  I don't have to walk in darkness and fear.  He sustains me.  I don't have to do anything, and I've done nothing, but seek Him.   He's done all of the rest.  I can honestly say to everyone here that I have never been happier, more content, more blessed with joy unspeakable than I am right at this moment... and tomorrow it will be multiplied. 

    But not by my actions, but by God's grace.

    Praise Him!!!

    Now for day 15.  This was easy... it was in the book,  As soon as I read this, I felt prompted to send it. I prayed and God gave me a little something else to add.   I sent this to Melanie via text:

    "Of all the relationships I've had, I value your's the most.  Of all the things I'm willing to sacrifice, I will sacrifice the most for you.  Of all my prayers, I pray for you the most.  With all your faults, sins, mistakes and faults - past and present - I still choose to love and honor you". 

    Just as in Day 13, I must put actions to my words.


  • One more thing.  I started wearing my wedding ring again.  I put it on yesterday, so it wasn't actually part of the dare, but wearing my wedding ring honors my wife whether she wants to be honored or not.

  • No response.  She pulled up at the after school daycare when I was picking up my daughter but I didn't have a chance to greet.  I had prayed for an opportunity to be a testimony should I run into her, but the best that I could tell she never looked my way.  From her actions - using her last name before we married, leaving the gifts I had purchased her over the course of our relationship, not speaking with any of our friends,  she appears to by trying to erase me from her life.

  • More likely she is trying to avoid the conviction of your testimony.

    These are drastic changes in your life. And those changes can only be from Christ. People of the world cannot understand what is going on with your changes at all.

    The bad part is, they are watching closely to see you mess up so that they can say "I knew it was fake"

    But we know you have Christ leading you...

  • Well, some things changed today.  See Day 16.

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