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Re: Day 15/talking

Day 15/talking

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  • So my husband and I had dinner together and talked afterward. We had a good dinner. The way I showed him honor and respect was by the way I listened and talked. I let him talk most of the time and just asked questions. He talked about work mostly. I love to hear about the stuff he is working on. When we got back to our place, I let him talk about anything he wanted to and listened and took notes. I asked questions to clarify and further understand. My husband was civil this time and I did not feel the urge to defend myself. Most of the stuff he/we talked about was true and needs to be changed. I am thankful that he is communicating and opening up. Praise the LORD!

    I know I am still not completely trusting God because I am still nervous about what my husband will decide to do. I do feel better now that my husband is willing to talk and he doesn't seem so angry. I continue to ask God for the strength to continue doing the dares, the courage to talk to my husband, peace about my situation, and understanding and wisdom. Through all this He has blessed me with an amazing family that is supporting me. I am truly blessed. His words are a blessing themselves. If I don't spend time in the Bible or hearing scripture I feel lost. Thank you Lord for your new mercies every morning.

  • Cwest,

    You are concerned that you are still not completely trusting God... Think of it this way. You realize many of the blessings that He has brought to you. But what about this situation you are in with your husband? Could this be the biggest blessing itself?

    Without these problems would you be as focused on Christ and the life you are leading now? Probably not. Many people do not realize the bad could be a blessing in disguise.

    So do not fear what your husband will decide to do, be in praise in what God will deliver you through.

  • Thank you Sean. I guess I had looked at my situation only as a blessing if my husband decided to stay. Because I know this is good for our marriage, to make it better and make it what it should be. I guess I am still placing too much importance on my marriage and not enough on my journey with God. I ask God to transform me into his likeness and I know that he will use my husband (and his rejection) as a tool. It is humbling and not something easily understood by others.

  • Its not... And it is so awesome when you come to the realization that this entire situation is what is going to change your life and bring you the most unbelievable happiness.

    It is a bonus if you husband and you work things out. Which by the way, there is a good chance of happening. Not certain, but good chance. Always remember this no matter what happens in your life, you allowing Christ to mold you, is going to bless the desires of your heart. With that said, we can only see the face of that. That being back with our spouse. But there is so much more to that.

    But trusting Christ is a hard thing to do, when all these years of our lives we did things our way trusting flesh. The good news, if you look back from before starting this journey. Look how far you have come!

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