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Love Dare 14

Love Dare 14

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  • Today I was thinking of asking my husband if he would like to go bowling. Thats something he really likes to do. Normally i would work out, go tp my sisters, and be with the kids. Or I can ask him what he would like to do. We are still talking and communicating. I am thankful to God for that. I can see and feel God moving. 

    Even though many ppl tell me how right I am to leave him for what he has done, God is telling me to do this. I know I am not on here writing and doing these dares for fun or selfish ambitions. 

    I could have agreed with my husband and moved on. I do feel shameful that it took him saying he wanted a divorce to change my attitude. I thought because i stuck with him through his addiction that he would value me and see i loved him. Instead he felt i was controlling. I know it will take him time to see me differently and the changes in me. 

    Every time i want to quit or just tell myself this isnt working, I feel God telling me "Just Love". 

    I know very well that is of God and not the world. 

    The worlds answers are not the same as Gods. It tells you to love yourself, do whats best for yourself, time for yourself, be yourself. And if someone treats you badly you hurt them worse.

    But God, how beautiful that he tells us that we should repay evil with good, Love covers a multitude of sins, that Love never fails, that we should pray & love our enemies, love others as you love yourself, that love is the greatest commandment, love perseveres, and love is not selfish. 

  • And how love is patient. I have become very patient. I know longer will look at the things i used to. Or worry about his reactions through this. I just want to give love, unconditional love. I feel a peace about it. My husband can have all the times he needs for this, but i will continue to show love. No matter what.

  • so this is incomplete. I called him @ lunch, but no answer, left a message to see if he wanted to do something tonight. He said he had car trouble but maybe tomorrow or this wknd. Which i had planned on Love dare 18 being this sunday, but if not another day. we talked for about 30 mins. I listened and spoke with respect.

  • Dont feel shameful for the point of this taking you to be more in focus. Realize that Christ brought this for a reason. Because you now are on a path of understand what love truly is. Not what the world had you believe it was.

    Commit it to prayer. I am certain Christ is working in this not happening today. remember seek His will in each day, each dare.

  • okay well 4 days later and this dare is done. We went bowling with the kids and had a lot of fun. we talked a lot and i sat back watching him play with our children & teach them how to bowl. I didnt want the day to end. I took him home & hugged him goodbye. That was the hardest thing to do.

    And yes I am finding what it means to truly love someone. I Am trusting Christ more every day and with each dare.

    I see Him moving. The way i was is fading away. The way I respond to my husband & situations now. I can tell you its all out of love.

    And every small inconvenience and situation that comes i thank God for it. i no longer grumble that i cant do these in order or my husband isnt responding.

    im just thankful i can. i just want to do them and show him love, unconditional unselfish love

  • As you grow in Christ it will become more of a testimony.

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