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Love takes delight

Love takes delight

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  • Today is difficult for me because my husband only comes home once he knows I am asleep and wakes up much later to go to work. I hardly see him but have continued doing what I need to do for him. He doesn't have a hobby I could participate in with him and I think he has started speaking to other women. 

    While I continue thinking and praying about this something else came to mind. My husband always accused me of not wanting our son to build a relationship with his grandparents (they raised him). My son is on school holidays so I asked hubby if he would like our son to spend a day, and he immediately answered, "I would love that!" So I agreed and said good, that's fine with me.

    This morning my son cried to go visit at my mothers' house and hubby said he could go, but I was adamant and said, "No he can go to your grandparents"

    This is part of Day 8 Love is not Jealous as well, as I have always been jealous of the relationship hubby has with his grandparents. 

    They have not been good people to me and my husband but I feel in order to move on I need to forgive their actions.

    This is a MASSIVE step for me, and I know it's not really part of the dare but I believe its intergral in my path to change.

    I would appreciate any ideas to complete today's dares though, so any comments would be great!

  • I think you are on the right track and leading your heart at the moment which is one of the goals of this awesome transformation you are undergoing.  You took a step of faith and God will surely look upon that and be moved.  Faith can move mountains!

  • Thank you, I saw it last night as well... the opportunity came up for us to have dinner together last night and we spoke civilly, not for long but decent... no animosity or anger... I am still praying...

  • Remember your oneness is to be with your spouse... He must be the first human relationship.

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