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not good

not good

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  • i gave up sleep.

    Hubby lies about going to work.
    By 9pm i call his freind to ask if he is there and he is.
    He gets home with the freind by 10.30 pm .
    I am so wasted from the day.
    I spent the whole day alone so completing this dare took place between 11pm and midnight.

    I served his food and nodded off on the sofa. He came to the sofa and put my head on his lap while playing worldly love songs that i dont care much for. He seemed to be enjoying the fact that i have become docile.
    I remembered the dare was to spend time so i forced myself to stay there till he suggested that we go to bed.

    I learned that he wants a wife who will allow him to have a life out there where he can come and go as he pleases, and still find dinner and a docile wife at home when he decides to get in.
    I learnt that he wants everything in this home to remain constant for him, while his life for me remains inconsistant.
  • So be it..l leavehim to Christ... Let Christ mold you over this journey. Trust Him and He will deal with your husband.l

  • Amen.

  • And praise His name!!!

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