Today I was suppose to do something that my other would like and not think of myself but I don't get to see him every day so that is hard. So today since last night he made a choice to get drunk call me to come get him then not answer me, I'm not so sure he didn't hook up with another girl. This is just an assumption since he said he had the opportunity and then his phone either died or he shut it off. But I chose to let him know how I felt about it but nicely and that I would still be there for him and trust him and believe in us. This was the first time I felt tested in how I control my feelings and I believe I passed adn although we didn't talk all day I still chose to tell him good night which is good for me considering in the past I would be hurt say mean things then ignore him. I'm truly learning how to love with no boundries and forgive 70 x 7.