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Re: having a really hard time....

having a really hard time....

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  • i keep praying and looking to christ for help but my husband continues to push me to my breaking point...  i dont know what to do anymore. i pray for guidance as tok how to complete the  dares and i think i have done them how god wants me to. but today i am suppose to give up something for him, i have nothing left to give up. everything i do is for him or my kids. i am a stay at home mom with no hobbies no interests just working to keep my family happy. i dont know how i can keep doing this....i thinks he likes the fact that he can say what he wants to me and i wont say anything in return. last night i mentioned a show called the week the women went and explained what it is about he told me that his work couldnt run without megan the secretary at his work. while i was pregnant he told me she is pretty after i found dirty calanders in his work truck. he says so many hurtful things and i bite my tounge and say nothing and he smiles and keeps it up.... this is not the man i married...i would not have married a man that treats me like this...i guess i have some praying to do.... i dont know of anything else i could give up for him to complete this dare or if i should even bother to finish this.....

  • I have found a really good book called The Power of a Praying Wife. I found it at a Christian bookstore and it helps me to know how to pray for my husband. There is also a couple sentences in it that I would like to share with you. "We have God's power on our side. We don't have to leave our marriages to chance. We can fight for them in prayer and not give up, because as long as we are praying, there is hope. With God, nothing is as dead as it ever seems." Keep praying for your husband. One thing that I have found helps is to release all my negative feelings about my husband to God at the beginning of my prayers for him, so that I am praying with a good heart. One day at a time, pray over the dares each morning you read them. God will be right with you.

  • I agree! The Power of a Praying Wife is a great book to really focus your prayers on your husband. I read the whole book in a day or so. I now read a prayer a day with my morning devotions. Despite my husbands anger/hurtfulness, it brings me closer to Him and my husband.

    Another book I would HIGHLY recommend is The Shack. INCREDIBLE insight to Christ through the painful loss the main character experiences. It was also incredible insight to my husbands unbelief.

    Continue to lean on Him Amber. He hears your every word, knows your every thought, feels your every hurt, and sees your every tear. Talk it out with Him. What He wants most is a relationship with you. Prayers girl!

  • Wait a second... These are all good books I am sure. However, you are having trouble with this one... And the reason is maybe you do not understand it quite yet.

    Tis dare is a journey. One between you and Christ, not you and your husband. Your husband is a tool that Christ will use in this journey to humble you and also help mold you more in His image.

    Take some time read in the appendix, first about leading the heart, then the other things.

    I am not saying not to read these other books. But this dare is a journey that Christ chose you for, if you give up, you give up on Christ. You take control back and you will get no where.

  • Perhaps I should clarify...I didn't mean replace The Love Dare with those books. Definitely continue with the Love Dare. Do not give up on that because yes, it is a journey between you and Christ. The other books I recommend in addition to the Love Dare...when you are ready.

  • And jenn... I did. Noreen to not read those... I am a true believer that what Christ can put in your life. What I am trying to point out is that this journey needs to be completed.

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