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Re: Day 14 - Love Takes Delight

Day 14 - Love Takes Delight

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  • In leading my heart back to my wife Shelly, and studying the Scriptures that coincide with the dares, I have also led my heart back to God. I feel stronger in my relationship with Him and it grows everyday. In contrast, my wife remains away from our home and family. Each day she seems like she wants to come home but by the end of the day she pulls away. I truly believe there is a battle happening inside of her right now. I am trying to be patient and allow the Lord to work on my behalf. I tell her I am praying for her everyday and that I love her regardless. My witnessing and changes seems to be falling on deaf ears. I will remain persistent and continue the dares guided by God.

  • For a while she will not believe your testimony... This is not the person she remembers. But with your focus on Christ that will change,

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