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Day 14 - Love Takes Delight

Day 14 - Love Takes Delight

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  • Today was my father in law’s birthday, and we had a birthday cook out for him at my mother in law’s house.  They’re divorced but have a very close relationship.  My sister in law was there with her kids, and the day was very full of family.

    Typically, on a holiday, I will spend part of the day with the in laws and part of the day with my family.  This time, I gave the entire day to his family.  My father in law is such an important person in my life; he and my husband both deserved that undivided attention.  I thoroughly enjoyed spending the entire day with them.  I definitely took delight in my husband and his side of our family.

    The relationship between myself and my husband was strained, but we got through it to spend some very good quality family time with the people that we love the most.  His family knows everything that’s going on, so they were unsure about whether or not that would make anyone else uncomfortable. 

    I did feel Satan creeping in on my thoughts towards the end of my day.  My husband was so happy and acting so much like himself that I started to wonder if it was because he was truly happy with this decision to go ahead and separate.  He has a female friend that he talks to a lot.  I started to wonder if she’s the reason he’s so happy.  I found a quiet spot and prayed about it.  Once that thought was in there, I just couldn’t let it go. 

  • This journey Christ is preparing you. Just remember that, He is molding you for a reason. Take some time and read my journals, I think it may help a lot.

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