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Re: Day 14 - Don't know what to do

Day 14 - Don't know what to do

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  • So I'm on day 12 now, but have typically read ahead so that I can start thinking about what to do for the following days' dares.


    Day 14 has me at a loss for several reasons.

    Day 14 occurs on a day when his family has a birthday dinner scheduled for that evening and my desire to spend time with him, even if it means doing something I'd rather not, has never been an issue, quite the opposite.


    I don't know how to complete dare 14 if the things that he wants to do are singular activities that don't include me or the children, nor could they as they are on the computer.

    I have some time to pray over it and I pray that God will make a way.

  • Try not to look ahead. Consider this journey a way in trusting Christ that whatever comes that you will depend on Christ to open the door.

  • Well on that day, I was very sick and stayed home from work.

    Normally I would have begged off of the family dinner, so for my dare, I decided to man up, get myself showered and dressed and attend the dinner anyway.

    We had a nice time and I don't think anyone else caught my cold.  :)

  • Praise God. And I am sure you testimony came through to all.

  • I am on day 12 now  and like you read ahead.   I have no idea what to do on day 14. It is not an issue of my time  or what to do.  I only have work, reading, my exersize (ive started to go to lap swim  its 12-1 M-F) . He is a gradstudent and will defent his thesis  in a couple weeks.   So for me to complete day 14  He will have to take time out of his studies (he is taking a few summer courses too) and finilizing his thesis, and his resurch job on campus.      I will do what every activity he wants    my guess is tho  that he will not want to be bothered  because he plans to defend his thesis  the second week in July.

  • Don't read ahead. Part of the journey you are on is trusting Christ with the dares as they come. And reading ahead does not allow you to focus on the current day dare.

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