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day 13- fight fair

day 13- fight fair

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  • Luckily, my parents always used rules of engagement when having a "discussion".  They only discussed the current grievance and never made it personal.  My hubby did not see this same healthy behavior growing up.  He saw a father that worked 3 or 4 jobs at a time and a resentful mother who was very passive-aggressive.  He think making little snide comments is acceptable and it is NOT.  Those hurt too, and are usually not justified, he just says it to get a reaction.  I definitely will not be able to discuss these issues with him in person, but i will write my list and keep it for myself.

  • i think this is one of the few dares that says something about it's ok not to bring the dare up to the spouse if they aren't ready for it, so that's ok in doing this dare.

    When he makes snide comments or worse, remember to bite your tongue, show patience, and stick to your rules.  Don't let your emotions lead you.

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