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Love Dare 13

Love Dare 13

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  • I did this dare on my own. I dont think he is ready for this. i dd it alone.

     1. I will listen

     2. I will not bring up past or present failures

     3. I will talk calmy and gently. Keep my voice down.

     4. I will not call names or make fun of his decisions

     5. I will deal with my own issues

     6. I will not blame others for my emotions 

     7. I will be responsible for my reactions and attitude


    I have already done some of these at the times I have spoken to my spouse. I dont raise my voice and i listen first. It feels good to have a disagreement with him and not have to scream to make a point. Plus he opens up more. He does believe that I am more okay with the divorce because of this. 


  • Always ensure he knows you do not agree with the divorce. That is why he must do it. Allow him to put himself under the gun. Your patience and love will prevail.

  • yes i remind him of that. he does try to bring it up and ask me "what are we going to do?" and how the divorce will hurt our kids. i keep telling him there is no we in the divorce and that i am not agreeing with it

  • And commit to prayer about it. Seek Christ in guiding your words in those moments.

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