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  • Today's dare was a little challenging just simply for the fact that we no longer live together. I continue to pray for strength, guidance, and love from God. DK called me this afternoon to check on the schedule for the week because this is a hectic week with our oldest and myself's dance recital this weekend. We have practice every day this week. On top of everything else. I was short handed at work today and the babysitter called and our youngest got kicked out of daycare because she threw up. Thank god for Grandma's. Anyways DK and I had a nice visit this afternoon while we talked about the schedule. I told him I would swing by with the kids later this evening to give him a schedule for the week. I also asked if we would be able to talk for a little bit. He asked what about and I said I just wanted to have a mature conversation about our boundaries. We then just ended up having that conversation on the phone right then and there. It went well but he said he was just done fighting with me and as long as I am being fair about things he doesn't seem a problem. I just decided at that point I would just leave it at that. When I stopped by that evening he came out to the parking lot to visit the girls for a minute. As he stood by my window and talked about our plans of the house I silently said a little prayer for him. I prayed for god to keep him safe and watch over him. I can see DK is much happier and he even admitted he is happier. Not a 100% happy but he is happy. I think he is starting to like his new job and just wants to be done with the drama from his previous job. His headaches, chest pains and acid reflux are starting to subside. Hopefully once he heals his broken heart and ego over losing his job over nonsense he will be ready to concentrate on his personal life. I asked him again if he wanted to go to the Marriage retreat in the Cities next month and he wanted a while to think on it. I told him that I didn't want to wait too long just in case the spots fill and then we can't go. The next one wouldn't be until this fall and by that time our house would be sold and we would hopefully we closing on our new homes. I am afraid that if we sell our current and then end up working things out it would become a hassle. I understand he signed a year lease but I am sure he can find someone to take over his lease if he was serious about being a family again. This evening I prayed for forgiveness. I prayed for God to teach me how to accept love and show love. I have realized that showing and accepting love is why I have the connection problems that I have.

  • Use the love God gives us to love DK,  and if we are good enough for God to love, then we should accept the love others have for us.

    I would really encourage you to start writing in the journal section of this site.  Many more will read what you have to say and offer suggestions.  

  • I thought this was the journals section!

  • Sorry.   Click on The Community tab.  Then click on journals.   I am not real sure how to start a  journal but that is the area most read by everyone.   It may be best to type what you want in word then paste it in your journal.   The journal section can time out quickly.  Do you have the Love Dare book?  Remember to look at this as a journey to lead you closer to Christ.  If you do that this becomes so much better.

  • If you have a problem posting in journal section let me know.

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