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Re: Day 53 - Love Fights Fair

Day 53 - Love Fights Fair

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  • I wrote out my rules of engagement during the first round of dares.  Thankfully, I have not yet had to use them.  We have had no disagreements.  My husband and I weren’t in a place where we could discuss them together, and we still aren’t.  Our daily conversing is pretty thorough, but he is not yet comfortable talking about anything that pertains to our relationship.  I continue to review these rules of engagement so that when the day arises, I can be prepared.

    My husband and I spent the day messaging back and forth about work.  He’s burned out at work and needs a break.  I told him that he does need a break and he should take one.  After work, I ran by the store to get some things for dinner.  While making dinner, my husband came in the kitchen to see if he could help.  Before, I would tell him that I could get it; just go relax.  Not today.  I read him the next part of the recipe, and he worked on it while I finished up something else.  While dinner was cooking, he helped me change the filter in the fish tank.  A friend of his (female) is in town this week.  Their relationship makes me uncomfortable, but I’ve never met her.  I asked him to invite her to go to the fair with us Wednesday night.  He took me up on the offer and sent her a message.  She was leaving Wednesday, but I made the offer, and now I can be more at ease that there was no more to the relationship than he let on.  She’s been here since Saturday night, and they never got together.

    We had dinner as a family and talked about our days.  My husband asked about mine, which he does about half of the time now.  We all watched TV together after dinner, and then he put her to bed while I put away laundry.  We laughed and chatted after our daughter was in bed and played a game against one another on our phones.  He fell asleep while we were watching a movie.  I praise God every day for the healing that is going on internally in my husband and in our home.  The words aren’t being spoken, but there is a peacefulness in our home.  I know that my husband is being built up from the inside to face the reality of where we are and what needs to be done on the outside.

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