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Re: Day 13 - Love Fights Fair

Day 13 - Love Fights Fair

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  • In understanding that no relationship is w/o conflicts, I have come up with my own "rules of engagement" as my wife continues to stay away from our home. The trouble is that lately each time there is disagreement or conflict, she bails out for a few days. She even leaves to go to him if there isn't strife. She is not ready to establish rules, and if anything woud arise in the near future, I will use my rules to lessen the stress and hopefully to calm the storm. I learned today that she recently posted about Fireproof on a popular mainstream social network, which I'm not part of, and said it was inspirational to those experiencing troubles in their relationships. I'm not sure if this meant our marriage, or her other one.... I know that I was inspired to begin the Love Dare as a result of watching the movie, but started it out focusing on our marriage, her, me, and this guy. I think it was about Day #9 that I hit the floor in prayer and repented as I wasn't taking the right approach. I now know that as I become stronger in my faith, I feel more confident about my marriage, even though she spends a lot of time away from our home. My faith is tested daily and with God's help, I remain focused on my relationship with Him. I am leading my heart with His help. I pray for my wife's heart and that it is turned soon.

  • Don't worry about her heart. Worry about yours as you continue this journey. Leave her to Christ. These dares will mold you more in Chirsts image each day, this is where your testimony comes into play. Go watch fireproof again and see what Christ can do.

    Trust Him to take over, leave control with Him. Do the dares as they are intended. The response is not the success, the doing them without manipulation is where the success comes in.

    The dare about the rules. How do you know she isn't ready. Try it, and if she avoids it fine, but at least you did the dare as Christ intended.

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