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Re: Day 13 - Love Fights Fair

Day 13 - Love Fights Fair

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  • I prayed throughout the day about whether or not I should include my husband in conversing about this dare.  I was never really sure if I should or not.  When our daughter went to bed, and we had time to talk, he was already asleep.  I took that as my answer.  This was a dare that I feel I really needed for myself before I could include his input.

    I don’t’ fight fair – in fact I don’t fight at all.  Neither does he.  I sulk, and he ignores.  That’s how we handle confrontation.  It will take him ignoring me for a week, month, or more before I will finally ask what is the issue.   He will never be the first to initiate the conversation.  When we do finally have any type of discussion, I always speak kindly, but I’m not open to his opinion.  I’ve been so caught up in all of the negative that I’ve failed to see his point.  Looking back, I can see a LOT of valid points on his behalf.

    So here are my rules:

    *I will listen without interruption.

    *I will back off when he feels pressed into a corner.

    *I will not mention separation or divorce.

    *I will use kind words.

    *I will not bring up anything from our past.

    *I will love him regardless of the outcome or what he says.

    *I will not fear rejection and will confront an issue immediately.

    *I will not wait for him to come to me.

    One of the most important rules here, for me, is not fearing rejection.  I will approach him as soon as I know that something is happening.

  • Take this dare and your response to it and dig deep to recognize your own selfishness... Learn to lead your heart and not follow it especially in the heat of the moment. Be quick to listen and slow to speak...

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