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getting worse - scared it won't get better

getting worse - scared it won't get better

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  • I gave in today by validating why she was upset about something. She wanted me to stay out of the house until 1 pm so she could be home studying. She didn't want me there "doing nothing while she has to study and watch out son". When I said that I needed to go home especially since what I had to do was flexible and would not take 2 hours less than that anyway, I said I was going home. She said that her and our son would find something to do until then. I perceived this as her trying to keep me from spending time with him and expressed it as such to her, which upset her. We spoke about it soon after and when she asked if I knew why she was upset, I gave the correct answer. Even though I think I get marginalized out of her anger and lack of trust in me. 

    This one wasn't easy. I know she's at least been to a divorce attorney with a punchlist of her concerns that if to come true would be throwing the book at me for being a bad husband and unfit parent. When I came home today, more of my stuff was in the front bedroom. She has been cold and only speaks when giving me instructions on how to care for our son and to say no to anything I offer out of being kind and helpful. The dread and fear of my whole life collapsing is really setting in. 


  • Why. You have Christ. Take this time of her being this way to focus on Christ and allow Him to fill every void you have. Remember the jealousy dare. We have a jealous God, He must come first. Everything else will fall into place.

  • And that's why I need coaching. My faith has never been that strong and the pain and hurt have gone on for a long time. This is going to be hard if I can make it through. We've been destroying each other.

  • Well I am here. And on the journal section there are many that will be available to post and comment as well.

    I am here everyday

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